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The team at TMK is fearless, having held positions in kitchens, bars and hospitality all over the world for many years. The team comes together at TMK to bring guests a wild and unruly dining experience. Expect great food, copious amounts of drinks and exceptional service.

Miguel Huelamo Estrada

Executive Chef at Honjo

Over his more than 15 years in the food and beverage industry Chef Miguel Huelamo Estrada has imparted the grand traditions of Spanish and Mediterranean-style cuisines in restaurants from Dubai to Taiwan, always searching for new ways to interpret and reinterpret flavours and the guest experience.

Born in Spain, Miguel who first studied biology in university switched gears at 21, enrolling in the International Cuisine program at the Luis Irizar School in San Sebastian, Spain. 

“I began to cook first as a science experiment,” says Miguel. “Because I wanted to be able to eat all of the wonderful food that my grandmother cooked for us anytime I wanted.”

Since graduating Miguel has found success and mesmerized guests in London, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, at notable restaurants and hotels such as Zuma, Morimoto Dubai and Les Suite Orient, Shanghai, to name but a few.

“I have worked in many different countries and styles of restaurants, gathering experience and knowledge while sharpening my skills so that I can bring that wealth of experience to my next project,” Miguel says.

Pirata Group is excited to welcome Miguel as  the Executive Chef of Honjo, its innovative take on Japanese cuisine, where guests will be treated to unexpected and inspired flavours Miguel has made his trademark.

Takeshi Suzuki

Japanese Head Chef at Honjo and TMK

A native of Wakayama, Japan, Takeshi Suzuki brings to Pirata Group nearly two decades of experience creating authentic, celebrated Japanese cuisine for celebrities, world leaders and business leaders at the Grand Lisboa Hotel’s Michelin-starred The Kitchen, the Ritz-Carlton, Osaka and the Japanese Consulate here in Hong Kong. Leading the kitchen’s kaiseki and sushi sectors, Chef Suzuki gained experience in perfecting the art of Japanese cuisine. 

Chef Suzuki trained at Japan’s first culinary and confectionery college in Osaka, 辻学園TEC日調, for two years, honing his skills in French, Italian and Chinese cuisine. At the historic college where he was taught by industry giants, he also gained the valuable experience needed to become a pastry chef.

A lifelong baseball fan (he played in high school before retiring from the sport due to an injury), when not in the kitchen, he can be found taking in a game or indulging in his other passion, playing golf.

“Cooking is my passion and I enjoy every aspect of it—from thinking up the recipe to choosing the specific ingredients and preparing the dish,” says Chef Suzuki. “Becoming Japanese Head Chef of Honjo and TMK is like a dream come true because I am able to draw upon my Japanese roots to create dishes that inspire others. I hope to make the dishes at Honjo and TMK food that people in Hong Kong crave every day. ”

At Pirata Group, Suzuki will oversee the menu and kitchen of TMK, the Group’s rock ‘n’ roll temaki and sake bar. Guests of Honjo, an innovative take on Japanese cuisine, will also get the chance to enjoy him and his team’s sushi and sashimi creations.

Kelvin Ziea

Wine and Sake Sommelier for Honjo and TMK

It takes abundant curiosity and an exceptional palate to not just identify and enjoy the great wines, liquors, and sake of the world, but also a love of sharing the experience with others. This is what sets Pirata Group’s very own Wine and Sake Sommelier, Kelvin Ziea, apart from the pack. 

Hong Kong born, Kelvin spent time abroad in Canada, learning from the local culture and gaining valuable experience in bartending within a fast paced environment. He acquired the WSET Levels 1 and 2 certifications and was accredited by OUHK with the Wine Level 3 Advanced Certificate in 2010. Throughout his career, he has made waves in the industry at celebrated establishments such as á nu retrouves-vous, spearheading pre-opening initiatives and lending his talents as Sommelier. As the Japanese dining concept Zuma’s previous Pre-Opening Wine & Sake Sommelier, Kelvin contributed through wine and sake list selection and structuring, and leading staff training programmes. 

With a penchant for taking on new challenges, Kelvin strives to help Pirata Group expand its horizons in the field of wine and spirits. Bilingual in Chinese and English, he never fails to greet and entertain guests with tales of his exploration through the industry and the various trips he has made to wine countries and breweries. With an astute recommendation prepared for each guest, Kelvin constantly impresses guests with his expansive knowledge on available wines and sake selections at Honjo and TMK, Pirata Group’s two Japanese inspired concepts in Sheung Wan.

Paul Franklin

Multi Site General Manager for Honjo and TMK

With 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Paul Franklin excels in leading restaurant and bar teams. Through meaningful staff training, Paul focuses on equipping his team for success. Under his mentorship, each team member’s personal skills are identified, established and fully utilised, ensuring the success of the outlet. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Paul has gained experience at celebrated establishments and restaurant groups in London – All Star Lanes, Peyote Restaurants, Rail House Café and Yosma London to name a few. He spearheaded restaurant launches and showed his expertise in operations through path implementation, site recruitment, goal measurement, and design and execution of operating procedures. A motivational and engaging individual, Paul has led numerous teams of excellent staff who not only work tirelessly towards building the restaurant brand, but who do so with a smile on their faces. 

Paul was brought to Hong Kong in 2019 to helm the capable restaurant teams at Honjo and TMK, two of Pirata Group’s Japanese inspired establishments in Sheung Wan. Constantly up to tackle any challenge that comes his way, Paul took both restaurants’ launches in stride with astute observations, creative solutions and a positive approach towards handling each and every situation. As Multi Site General Manager for Pirata Group, Paul will work with his team to display fierce dedication towards providing unparalleled hospitality to guests at Honjo and TMK.


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